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    Love and Peace

    Waking with the feeling of the sunlight warmly glowing on my skin,
    I feel the breeze of peace blowing softly in my heart once again.
    The loving thoughts of yesterdays come flowing strongly back into my mind,
    Like a mirror the images of you and the love you taught take me back in time.
    I remember you when little eyes gazed wondrously into the mist that filled mine,
    Never realizing one day those tears would fall like dying leaves from the vine.
    You came into my life like a loving dew drop building on the petals of the rose,
    A surprise gift for me from one whose love continued daily to grow.
    Though you’ve gone from this life all the days now built up into years,
    The thoughts of what we had and what you taught still bring me back to tears
    It’s true that some may scorn me for the loving feeling that I still feel,
    But in my heart I know the signs I have seen from you up above are for real.
    Loving you is something I know that in this world time can not erase,
    Just like nothing stops the tears falling freely from my eyes onto my face.
    In that peaceful valley you now call home where the rainbow does ever shine,
    I hope that you have found the peace that I always felt when you were mine.
    Way down deep within the shadowy depths of the lonely life that I had led,
    Were thoughts of an old and a new love somewhere lost deep within my head.
    Loving her was a thing I never thought I’d ever find the place for it to end,
    But one day I met this loving one who helped me to learn love once again.
    Then one day she got a phone call, and come back she did and in her shirt she hid,
    The little loving, wonderful bundle of fur that in time I did consider as my kid.

    FOR YOU, Daughters and Sons, Brothers and Sisters, and Soulmates and Kindred Spirits.
    and strangers who will one day be friends.

    Lobowolf Don 05/20/2005


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