A Silent Cry For Help

Silence In the night my cry, a plea, is heard on the whispering wind
Hear my whimper, a faint little meow
Can you see me sitting in the shadows?
Can you feel me shake with fear of being alone?
I once had a future, a home, love
Arms that once held me near, let me go
Some out there would take my life without a thought
I am a lost kitten and I am a forgotten one
They see me as a number, not as one who loves
Hear my silent cry in the night
I feel pain and fear as you do
I can give love and comfort as you can
All I ask is you give me a chance
A right to life, to be
I call out to you in a silent voice in the dark
I am a lost Kitten who once knew love
I only know dark alleys and cruel words now
I hide from those who would take me from this world
I wait and watch for one who will care
One who can reach out and care
One who understands
Are you a loving heart?
I beg you take away this fear
Bring back the sunlight, the hope
that once was, but can be again
All I ask is to be able to love and be loved in return
Written By One Who Has Been Rescued By One Who Cares


My little heart is beating so fast and my tiny body shakes in fear.
Is anyone there to see me can anyone hear.
My Mom was taken away today I am so frightened and all alone.
She said if I wait a little while someone will come and take me home.

I need to be loved and to have the chance to give.
All I ask is the chance to live.
Can someone please help me Don't let me die.
I will sit here waiting patiently, Please, someone hear my cry.

It has been so long and no one came for me.
Now they say there are too many here not enough room you see.
As they take me to another room someone says I'm sorry little friend.
But there is no more time for you to wait I'm afraid this is the end.

As I awake at Rainbow Bridge my Mom is kissing me and tears fill her eyes.
She says I'm so sorry my baby no one heard your cries.
But someday people will understand as we watch here from above.
Maybe when they hear our story it will open their hearts to love.

© Kathy Hayes aka AurichWolf aka Katie~March 31 2006~

Silver Tears

So small and alone in an inhospitable world
Struggling through each day just to stay alive
As people rush by if they notice them at all
Remark and wonder that they manage to survive

We rush through our lives, no one has the time
To find a moment to reach out to them or care
Know that even though they seem to be alone
That there is one who for them is always there

So many eyes that see but donít see them
Hearts that donít take notice of their plight
In a world that seems to not notice them at all
There is always one who keeps them in his sight

As we rush through our lives passing them by
Too busy to find time for them in our busy lives
They are not alone, they are watched with love
There is one who keeps them always in his eyes

They suffer through short lives of want and fear
Then are seemingly unremarked when theyíve past
But know for them there are silver tears that fall
A tender heart waiting as he brings them home at last

as told by one who has been there