Each year: 6-8 million cats and dogs enter shelters

Each year: 3-4 million cats and dogs in shelters are rescued

Each year: 3-4 million cats and dogs in shelters are euthanized

Each year: 600,000 - 750,000 cats and dogs in shelters are reclaimed by their pet parents

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2.7 - 3.5 million end up in shelters

1.3 - 1.8 million will be euthanized

2 - 5% are reclaimed by owners

75% of those euthanized are feral
100% of the ferals that end up in a shelter are usually euthanized



3.3 - 4.5 million end up in shelters

1.6 - 2.3 million will be euthanized

30% are reclaimed by owners

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As many of you know for years i have advocated rescues.
to me is more important than all the backyard breeders in the entire world.
has become a part of my heart.

In these pages are included ferals and fosters, for these are lives saved. i have much
respect and love for anyone who can take in and foster a furbaby, and then send
that baby and a part of their heart to a forever home, and i know in my heart
that those of you who do this are very picky about what forever home you release
these wonderful bringers of love to.
From the very bottom of this scarred and battered heart i thank you.
If i had not known the love of a furbaby is very likely i would never have
known the true meaning of the word love.
Love, the word, has had many different definitions by many different beings
in this that we call our world. to me love can be defined in one word. "Furbabies".



Can you give your heart completely
knowing it is only for a while,
that you will teach an angel soul
to love and trust then entrust that
part of your heart to another? Can
you take a life into your heart as
a child of your heart knowing they
will be another’s child? For so
many their only hope is for someone
to open their heart and home until
their forever people are found.

So many beautiful souls are saved each
year by volunteer organizations that
depend on foster parents – they have
no facilities, no paid staff, and
depend on volunteers and donations.
The foster parents mean that until
these wonderful souls find their
forever home they live in a home not
a cage, they are part of a family,
and they experience love. Some will
stay with their fosters for a short
time, needing only love and a chance,
others come staying longer until the
perfect home is found, and others come
needing help to heal bodies or souls
or minds. They all come needing and
getting a chance.

For the foster parent it is rewarding
and heart breaking. Rewarding because
these wonderful souls enrich us with
their love and gentle wisdom.
Heartbreaking because all to soon
they must hand over these wonderful
beings to another – often a stranger
– knowing as their heart breaks and
tears flow that it is good and right.
It is a hard path – but for those who
can walk it, it is also rewarding
beyond words.



Feral Cats are often looked down upon.
The loss of these special souls to
the many outsiders looking in means very
little in terms of compassion.
"It's just a barn cat", "Good riddance,
these cats are a real pain in the ass",
"Let them starve","Put some poison out",
"Was it a pet? No? Then who cares!!!",
"What a loser you are for taking care
of these things".
You name it I've heard
them all and sometimes from cat owners.
The fact remains that since these are
not "domesticated" felines they hold little
value to even some of the most
caring people.


Does one seriously need to wonder why
these cats have little trust in us?

Some would say and I do agree that adult
ferals many times cannot be tamed or socialized.
Thruth be known, we must have respect for these
wild ones and let them live the life they have chosen.

As Donna Bishop,
Founder, Alliance for Animals states,
"we learn to admire them from afar,
respect them for their lives,
appreciate that quick glance
backwards knowing they acknowledge
our presence and know we are there
for them but we cannot
"cage" or "imprison" these wild souls;
this is not our right
nor our choice for these wonderful animals."

Excerpt, Loving the Feral Soul
By Jean Claude Von Feral, a lover of souls.

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Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow

Yesterday I rescued one, I nursed her and I loved her,
Yesterday we took the steps a long happy life to give her,
Yesterday I worked with her to teach her trust and love,
Yesterday I took the steps so she could love another.

Yesterday I trained her well, and gave to her my heart,
Yesterday I showed her love, and hope, and light.
Today I give her to another, I know I've done my part,
To give her a forever home where everything is right.

Tomorrow fill her life with love and happiness and joy,
Tomorrow continue the journey she and I began,
But if tomorrow you find that you've had a change of heart
Don't discard her, bring her back - I'll take her in again.

as told by one who has been there

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